Monday, June 15, 2009

2 Month Check up

Carra and Kynle had their 2 month check up today! Carra weighs 8.14 and Kynle is right behind her weighing 8.13. Carra is 21 1/4 inches and Kynle is 21 inches. It is amazing how fast they have grown! Of course Carra and Kynle had to get their shots and the big girls were not happy at all about their little sister having to get shots. Kasey kept saying, "No mommy, don't let the nurse give them a shot it will hurt." I think that the big girls were just as upset as the little was sweet that the big girls were so worried about little sisters! In the past 2 weeks, Carra has rolled over twice and Kynle has rolled over once. They have also decided to start scooting! They do an army crawl while also dragging their poor is not pretty at all...LOL! They have also started to smile, and coo. I absolutely love it! Kasey and Janna will sit in front of them and talk to them and Carra and Kynle will just watch them and smile and coo!! Makes mommy so proud to watch my four girls interact with each other!!

Saturday, June 13, 2009


Danny and I are truly blessed to have so many family members that live close by. Which is so wonderful...the girls to grow up with their family all around them...and of course I have tons of help and relief! Both of our parents live 10 minutes away and we have grandparents, great grandparents, a great great grandmother, tons of aunts, uncles, and cousins that live no further than an hour away. We are always having family gathering and have a good time visiting with each other. Of course, now that the little ones are here; we have many more visitors! Here are some pics of some of these family members.

Nana and Papa

Grangran and Mimi

Gdad and Carra

Nanny Ross..she is the girls great great grandmother. She turned 90 this May!!

Debbie and Grandpa

Ninny and the girls

Mimi, Gigi and Kasey

The girls with Grandma Sandra and Mike