Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I haven't posted in a I thought I would give a quick update. At the end of July Danny and I went on a mini vacation to Lake Conroe to celebrate 8 years of marriage!! We had a great time with each other, but missed the girls so much. Mimi and Grangran, and Nana and Papa got to keep the girls while we were gone...I think they all had a blast.

August is here and summer in nearing....I only have 1 week left to spend with all 4 of my babies:(

The little girls just turned 4 months old and are talking, and laughing out loud...i love it!!! They have also started eating cereal, applesause, and bananas. I cannot get the spoon in there mouths fast enough! The big girls will be 4 at the end of August. My big girls are growing up way too fast...they amaze me each day with their conversations and their actions. They are only going to be 4, but they act like they are 10!!!!

Right now is a very hectic time for me with school starting and of course a huge 4th birthday party. We have added another stress.... a good stress. We have put our house and some of our land up for sale. We are going to build on the 20 acres we are not going to sale. This is going to be wonderful for us because we need a BIGGER HOUSE and one with TONS of bathrooms!!!

At the end of August all four girls have checkups...4 months and 4 years. This will be a very interesting checkup since all four of them will have to get shots:( I will post after the checkup to let everyone know how they are doing!!

Monday, June 15, 2009

2 Month Check up

Carra and Kynle had their 2 month check up today! Carra weighs 8.14 and Kynle is right behind her weighing 8.13. Carra is 21 1/4 inches and Kynle is 21 inches. It is amazing how fast they have grown! Of course Carra and Kynle had to get their shots and the big girls were not happy at all about their little sister having to get shots. Kasey kept saying, "No mommy, don't let the nurse give them a shot it will hurt." I think that the big girls were just as upset as the little was sweet that the big girls were so worried about little sisters! In the past 2 weeks, Carra has rolled over twice and Kynle has rolled over once. They have also decided to start scooting! They do an army crawl while also dragging their poor is not pretty at all...LOL! They have also started to smile, and coo. I absolutely love it! Kasey and Janna will sit in front of them and talk to them and Carra and Kynle will just watch them and smile and coo!! Makes mommy so proud to watch my four girls interact with each other!!

Saturday, June 13, 2009


Danny and I are truly blessed to have so many family members that live close by. Which is so wonderful...the girls to grow up with their family all around them...and of course I have tons of help and relief! Both of our parents live 10 minutes away and we have grandparents, great grandparents, a great great grandmother, tons of aunts, uncles, and cousins that live no further than an hour away. We are always having family gathering and have a good time visiting with each other. Of course, now that the little ones are here; we have many more visitors! Here are some pics of some of these family members.

Nana and Papa

Grangran and Mimi

Gdad and Carra

Nanny Ross..she is the girls great great grandmother. She turned 90 this May!!

Debbie and Grandpa

Ninny and the girls

Mimi, Gigi and Kasey

The girls with Grandma Sandra and Mike

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Homemade ice cream!!

I found a fun and easy recipe to make homemade ice cream. The girls loved shaking the bags and putting Oreos on the ice cream when they were finished. They called it their own Oreo!

I had to post these two pictures of Kynle and Carra because it was too cute. Kynle was laying there trying to sleep and Carra kept pulling her pacifer out of her mouth! This is the reason why these two are already sleeping in their own beds. They kept waking each other up in the middle of the night and I was not getting any sleep! Now that they are sleeping in their own beds and not bothering each other, they are sleeping about 5 hours in between feedings!

Friday, May 29, 2009

Weekly Update

Kynle and Carra
Kynle and Carra had no idea that they were even Danny, Carra, Kynle, and I just stayed for a few hours and went back home. No way was I camping with two 6 week old babies!

It has been a very busy week! This weekend the big girls went camping with Nana and Papa, and we had my Nanny Casey's family renioun. Kasey and Janna had a blast staying in Nana and Papa's mini home. That is what the girls call their camping trailer! Tuesday the girls and I went to my school to watch the Kindergarten program and of course show off the girls!! Wednesday, we went to Nana and Mimi's school so that they could show off the girls. After we left the school, Nana and I took the girls to Abilene because Kasey had to get her allergy shot.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

A day out with the big girls!

Friday we took Kasey and Janna to the Ft.Worth Zoo. Kasey had to go and see her allergy specialist to get her new medicine and shot...which she does not like at all. Danny and I wanted to spend time with just the big girls, so we took them to the zoo after her appointment. We had a great time with the girls and of course they had a great time at the zoo!

My checkup

I went to my 6 weeks checkup...I can't believe that the little girls are already 6 weeks old. Anyways here is a picture with the girls and my doctor who delivered both sets of girls!

Kasey, Kynle, Dr. Tadvick, Carra, Janna
Janna didn't want to get in the picture!