Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I haven't posted in a I thought I would give a quick update. At the end of July Danny and I went on a mini vacation to Lake Conroe to celebrate 8 years of marriage!! We had a great time with each other, but missed the girls so much. Mimi and Grangran, and Nana and Papa got to keep the girls while we were gone...I think they all had a blast.

August is here and summer in nearing....I only have 1 week left to spend with all 4 of my babies:(

The little girls just turned 4 months old and are talking, and laughing out loud...i love it!!! They have also started eating cereal, applesause, and bananas. I cannot get the spoon in there mouths fast enough! The big girls will be 4 at the end of August. My big girls are growing up way too fast...they amaze me each day with their conversations and their actions. They are only going to be 4, but they act like they are 10!!!!

Right now is a very hectic time for me with school starting and of course a huge 4th birthday party. We have added another stress.... a good stress. We have put our house and some of our land up for sale. We are going to build on the 20 acres we are not going to sale. This is going to be wonderful for us because we need a BIGGER HOUSE and one with TONS of bathrooms!!!

At the end of August all four girls have checkups...4 months and 4 years. This will be a very interesting checkup since all four of them will have to get shots:( I will post after the checkup to let everyone know how they are doing!!

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