Friday, May 29, 2009

Weekly Update

Kynle and Carra
Kynle and Carra had no idea that they were even Danny, Carra, Kynle, and I just stayed for a few hours and went back home. No way was I camping with two 6 week old babies!

It has been a very busy week! This weekend the big girls went camping with Nana and Papa, and we had my Nanny Casey's family renioun. Kasey and Janna had a blast staying in Nana and Papa's mini home. That is what the girls call their camping trailer! Tuesday the girls and I went to my school to watch the Kindergarten program and of course show off the girls!! Wednesday, we went to Nana and Mimi's school so that they could show off the girls. After we left the school, Nana and I took the girls to Abilene because Kasey had to get her allergy shot.

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  1. I am sure that you all are the center of attraction everywhere you go. Your lives will always be intersting. The Lord has blessed you and given you 4 beautiful girls.
    Great Grandma Sandra